New Partnership Announcement: Neat + NDS Integration

Neat Audio Visual Vancouver

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Neat, a pioneering company that designs simple and elegant video devices for Microsoft Teams and Zoom meeting spaces.

Through this partnership, we’re now able to offer Neat’s full portfolio of products, including the Neat Bar, Neat Bar Pro, Neat Pad, Neat Board, and Neat Frame. These purpose-built devices are designed to enhance the collaborative experience for remote teams and are perfect for distributed work environments.

The Neat devices are specifically built for Microsoft Teams and Zoom environments and are designed with well-being and social interaction in mind, allowing remote teams to maximize their creativity and productivity. With Neat, meetings are transformed into cinematic productions that encourage organic conversation and freedom of movement among participants.

We’re thrilled to work with Neat to provide the best video experiences for our Microsoft Teams customers. This partnership fills a gap for us and will allow us to offer innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of remote teams.

Neat Video Conferencing Products


This agreement includes all of Neat’s innovative products including:

Neat Bar: a compact and sleek all-in-one meeting room device that features an integrated camera, microphone, and speaker. It’s designed for small to medium-sized rooms and is easy to set up and use. 

Neat Bar Pro MS Teams
Neat Bar MS Teams

Neat Bar Pro: an upgraded version of the Neat Bar that’s designed for larger meeting spaces. It offers enhanced audio and video capabilities and supports up to three screens.

Neat Pad: a touch screen device that can function as a controller or scheduler for meeting spaces. It simplifies the process of booking and managing meeting rooms, allowing teams to be more productive and efficient. 


Neat Pad MS Teams

Neat Board: a 65-inch multi-touch LED screen that serves as an all-in-one collaboration device. It features an integrated camera, microphone, and speaker, as well as advanced whiteboarding and annotation capabilities.

Neat Frame: a personal meeting device that’s perfect for small spaces, home offices, and one-on-one collaboration. It features an integrated camera, microphone, and speaker, and can be easily mounted on a desk or wall.

Neat Frame MS Teams

We’re looking forward to a successful partnership with Neat and providing our customers with the best video conferencing experiences possible.

For more information on Neat or NDS Integration contact us at: or 604-389-8859  

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