Background Music

Background Music

We understand music needs to match key moments of the day and we work to ensure that happens.

Our goal is to create something special that makes your business stand out. Our team has over 15 years of providing background music experience in hospitality, retail & fitness businesses across North America. Our philosophy is simple: Read the room. We match the right curator with the right media player to execute the right music at the right time for your business.

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Background Music

Picked by Pros

All our music curators come from a music background and are DJ’s, musicians and producers. Everyone has over 10 years of music experience in their fields.

Branded Music

We offer subscriptions for those who just want dependable quality music as well as custom solutions for those who really want something extra and brand specific.

Licensed for Business

We work with partners to ensure the music you're playing is legal to play. We remove the compexity and costs of remitting copyright fees by using us as your background music provider.

Our Vendor Partners

SOCANCMLRESOUNDCSI, and SOPROQ licenses may be required if you play background music in your business. We work with our partners to ensure you can play music legally. 

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